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Moving from London to Amsterdam Manandvan

Moving between Amsterdam and London

In both cities there are of course obstacles, traffic, permits, how to figure staircases, the need of a lift or rope and pulley (in Amsterdam), we take care of all this so your move is as stress free as possible.

manandvan moving small van
Small van
270l x 170w x 140h
€ 1295,00

Really Easy for small removal work from Amsterdam to London, or visa versa. Perfect for Small furniture, boxes and a bed. Also for fast courier work and paintings.

manandvan moving medium van
Medium van
300l x 175w x 195h
€ 1595,00

Perfect for medium removal work, like small furniture, sofa, fridge, double bed, and a lot of boxes! Easy for city centre and small streets. Ideal for a small one or two person removal job.

manandvan moving big van
Big van
400l x 200w x 210h
€ 1995,00

Needed for the removal work for the complete contents of your apartment in Amsterdam or London . All the basic stuff will fit, like laundry machines, fridge, bed, table, sofa, etc. This Van can enter the city centre.


Costs for helpers and moving lift

For regular Movings in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands, the costs are 60 euro an hour for one helper and 90 euro an hour for 2 helpers.

Extra charge for the moving lift is 75 euro an hour for the minimum time of 2 hours.

Things to arrange for movement Amsterdam/London

Be sure of a (parking) place in front of your door for loading (permit or arranged by yourself)
Will everything fit through the stairs, doors, windows and garden?
Which floor is the removal work going to be done?, do we need lift, rope and pulley or walking stairs
City centre have special times for loading and unloading, shops, metro, traffic, walking distance
Special items will need extra attention
Have all the keys and arrange easy access to your new place
Number all the boxes so that they can be brought directly to the right room upon arrival
Be sure you are at your new address in time for when the movers will arrive
If you have children or pets, arrange a baby sitter, so your move as your full attention
Make a list of all your contents to move, it saves time and money at customs

Do you like to move with Man and Van? Send us a message!